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Plasticine fanatics? Volume book lover?
Do not miss the opportunity to have the complete collection of our titles at a special price. 
We leave you a review so that you know them;) 


Bunbuku chagama

Immerse yourself in Japanese tradition with the story of Bunbuku Chagama or Happiness Bubbles Like a Teapot. 

Delve into beautiful landscapes recreated with fleece and other materials and enjoy the beautiful volume illustrations that we have prepared for you. 

Follow the story of Jinbei and discover the mythical raccoon.


The brightest fox

The brightest fox tells the story of Kishin, a screeching fox from the foothills, to which his mother says "if you get lost, look for the brightest star where you find it, you will find your home"
The little fox gets lost and when he sees a flash in the valley, thinking that it is a star, he goes to live and go ... to the city of Copiapó. 


The Tales of Miss Foxy

The Tales of Miss Foxy is a compilation of short stories published in the magazine Bookmark between the years 2016 and 2018.

The thirteen stories that make it up touch on different topics, such as  self-love, creativity, mischief, valuing the environment, among others.


The cat without mount 

In the remote and tiny city of Mulchén, where nothing ever happens, one day a mysterious box arrives at his library.


Matu, the librarian's cat, when reviewing the strange content, will find a copy of the book Chilean Feliformia, a zoological study on Chilean felines, where the kitten will discover its undeniable resemblance to the Leopardus Geoffroyi, better known as the wildcat.


Corina the underwater hen

Corina the underwater hen tells the story of Tobías, a country boy who one afternoon finds an innocent hen splashing in a pond. 


Worried, he takes her home and dries her off, when he discovers that Corina has a strange hobby ...


Complete collection

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