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More than picture books ...

We are a children's publishing house characterized by having a different type of illustration than the conventional one. We work some illustration techniques in volume especially clayillustration or illustration in plasticine.

Our catalog has pieces for children from 0 to 8 years old, which are separated into collections.

Album books
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Bowtie Collection

From 0 to 4 years

This collection is aimed at children in their first approach to the book object. From cloth copies to silent books, these titles allow children to get closer to reading when they have not yet learned the written language.

Bowtie books are full of color and attractive shapes. With pure colored backgrounds and simple concepts, they teach key elements for understanding the world, such as colors, shapes and objects in the environment around us.


Blue Tie Collection

From 5 to 8 years old

The Blue Tie collection is designed for boys and girls from 5 to 8 years old who approach the book object in a more conscious way. At this stage, children begin their exploration and appropriation of written language, which ranges from putting together the letters of the words to the first sentences with complex concepts.

These books are intended to be read as a family, so that parents can reflect with the little ones on the content of the reading .

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Voices of the world collection

Kamishibai folk tales

Beautiful collection of titles that collect some of the oldest oral tradition stories from different parts of the globe. You adapt to kamishibai format to be narrated using a butai or simply showing the pictures.

All our titles come in a bilingual edition so that the narrator can decide in which language he wants to narrate them

Kamishibai of the house

Blue Tie in kamishibai format

And because our house classics can also be narrated at school, we have adapted the titles of our Blue Tie collection to the Kamishibai format.

All our titles come in a bilingual edition so that the narrator can decide in which language he wants to narrate them, english or spanish

Workshops and activities

We carry out workshops and activities of different kinds:

- Incentive to reading through oral narration.

- Clayilustration workshops and creation of characters in plasticine

- Stopmotion animation workshops

- Audiovisual narrative workshops.

If you are interested in carrying out an activity at your institution, contact us via the form and we will send you a proposal.

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