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This Thursday April 29 we have a book presentation !!

Join us this Thursday, April 29 at 7:00 p.m. (Chilean time) to the presentation of our new book Pequeños monstruos cotidianos y otros animales no tan (Small everyday monsters and other not so imaginary animals) We will have the participation of: - Lorena Díaz Meza, academic, microfictionist writer, and curator of the selection of stories in this book. - Cecilia Villacrés: Art Designer, illustrator and plastic artist, coordinator of the illustrators who participated in this work. - Tamara Reyes: audiovisual and children's writer. Editor of this publication. We will also be accompanied by the authors and illustrators who collaboratively participated in the production of this book. They will be a very interesting activity as we will see the new trends in unconventional illustration techniques and the role that microfiction plays in children's literature today. We are waiting for you <3

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