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Some colored lights are all that Mr. White, the bunny, knows of the world. That and what's outside the wizard's hat, a place where humans believe magic to be nothing more than illusions.

But one day Movius the great magician will send White to live the most exciting adventure of his life where he will face his past to reveal a terrible conspiracy and save his world and ours.

Join White and her best friend Elise on an adventure full of magical worlds, frogs, cats and the most beautiful settings, narrated with suggestive detail and an enveloping atmosphere, in an entertaining story through the craziest paths of magic._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


 Immerse yourself in the first novel by the toy artist Cecilia Villacrés and delve into the confines of magic.


"A fresh story with the playful spirit of Alice in Wonderland."

 Sofía Rojas, journalist. 




Acquire your copy now and take home an exclusive and numbered art toy piece by Cecilia Villacrés. Hurry, there are only 20 units. 


The book will be delivered signed on May 12 for the launch or, failing that, it can be sent by mail after that date. 

Mr. White's hat 1st presale

SKU: 978-956-412-000-3
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