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Do you know who hides the keys when you go out? Or do you have any idea what the washing machine does with the socks you eat? Do you know why the sky purrs when it's going to rain?

These kinds of questions are explained here in a poetic way.  In a key of magical realism, with text and image metaphors, inviting the reader to remember their inner child and share this pleasant literary experience with the little ones in the house.


Writers and illustrators from Chile, Japan, Argentina and Nicaragua participated in this collaborative work.  



Book Format

ISBN: 9789560914491


Text:  Arnes Mabel Mosquera Barnes - Fernando De Gregorio Concha - Caro Fernández Alberto Sánchez Argüello - Camila Hernández - Diana Marina Rekacz - Valentina Mariu Lizama Jirón - Camilo Andrés Montecinos Guerra - Jorge Campano Rojas Christian Fidel Sandoval Piña - Carlos Enrique Acevedo Pérez - Liliette Andrea Meniconi Asfura - Cristina Alejandra Miranda Urra - Valeria de los Ángeles Araya Quintanilla - Martín Gardella - Lorena Diaz Meza - Tamara Reyes - Cecilia Villacrés


Illustration:  Dana Godoy - Daniela Rubio - Camila Boisier - Mª Pilar Núñez - Carolina HuertaMª Constanza Baeza - Mª Jose Iturriaga - Leslie Girdzius - Cata LarrereCecilia Villacrés - Tamara Reyes - Motoko Toda - Nana D. Evans


Value  12,000 Chilean pesos or 17  USD 

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Little monsters everyday

SKU: 9789560914491
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  • Illustrated book in multiple techniques  - Hard cover 

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