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How can I be with you if I am far from you?  
Two beings who love each other and cannot be together invent ways to share without physically meeting. A story from the simplicity of everyday life, altered by a pandemic.
A window away project

A window away project

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Heaven  and Antón have been a couple for a year. She is a cheetah and works like  personnel coordinator in a bank. He is an illustrator antelope and works as a freelancer. They have been dating for a while, they have a calm and adult relationship that went from the fierceness of the first encounters to the tranquility of feeling loved and understood.  


But due to a pandemic that is hitting the world, they go from having lunch together every other day to never being able to meet. Both live at opposite ends of the city and given the quarantine that extends throughout the province and the sanitary cordons that cut the communes, it is impossible for them to meet.


Anton lives with his grandfather Fred  and Ciel with his kissing fish Gup. Faced with the impossibility of seeing each other and missing each other more than ever, the couple invents ways of meeting through videoconferences that allow them to carry out some activities together and in a certain way overcome the distance that separates them.  


But will it be enough? How long can they sustain such a relationship?

A beautiful stopmotion series about the distance that the pandemic generated for us.

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