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Do you want to expand your repertoire of stories for Kamishibai? Take advantage of this incredible promotion!


Illustrated in plasticine and fleece, the stories for kamishibai from Editorial Socks Animated have a visual appeal that leaves no viewer indifferent.


Corina la gallina Submarina, El gato sin Monte, and El zorro más brilliance , are original stories by Tamara Reyes illustrated in plasticine and environments in Chilean cities that recreate the natural landscapes and flora and fauna of the place to be portrayed. They have also been awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage in Chile for their literary contribution. 


Bunbuku Chagama, meanwhile, is an original Japanese legend and a fundamental starting point for immersion in the Japanese narrative experience that kamishibai has. Illustrated by talented toy artist Cecilia Villacrés , her beautiful Sumi-e-influenced backgrounds and miniature fleece characters bring the traditional tale to life and bring the wonder of Japanese tradition to the present. 


Kamishibai Collection

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