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Hyoshigi y la apertura del Kamishibai

Hi there! How are you? Today we bring you a new entry on a traditional Japanese instrument currently used in the narration of kamishibai and whose origin dates back to medieval Japanese when the firefighters of the time announced to people in the villages the presence of fire by playing two sticks joined by a rope ..

The hyōshigi (拍子 木) is a percussion instrument that consists of two hardwood sticks (originally Kashi or Japanese Oak) and that are currently made of different types of hardwoods around the world.

This instrument went from its functional use as an alarm signal of danger or confusion to a more artistic use, refining its manufacture, seeking that its sound was cleaner and had a ritual function. This is how in the Edo era it went from the streets to the theaters, being used in different shows such as the Kabuki theater and Bunraku puppet shows.

With the arrival of the Kamishibai to the streets at the beginning of the 20th century, the Gaito Kamishibaia began to use them to attract the attention of children before beginning their role as Kamishibai.

The clean and clear sound of the Hyoshigi continues to captivate both storytellers and viewers and migrated along with the kamishibai to use in the classroom and in children's shows around the world.

Today the Kamishibai and the Hyoshigi are inseparable and there is no better way to enrich a Kamishibai performance without these beautiful and austere wooden instruments.

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